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Spaceship Aurora

Spaceship Aurora - Science Center

Spaceship Aurora offers exciting experiments, exhibitions and 3D movies about rocket launches, space and the aurora. Using our audio-guide system, you can walk at your own leisure and learn about the history and use of Norwegian space exploration. The fun and  intriguing experiments suits all ages, and are
related to the activities at Andøya Space Center and the launch of sounding rockets. We offer guided information in Norwegian, English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. Don’t forget to check out our out of this world Spaceshop! Group reservation all days and hours. Capacity: Up to 100 people.


Spaceship Aurora is an educational visitor’s, and activity centre located at Andøya Space Center. At Andøya Space Center sounding rockets are launched into space several times a year for research in space and on
the Northern Lights. At Spaceship Aurora you can experience virtual trips into space, learn about the
Northern lights, how it effects our planet, and how the Northern lights are reflected in the Norwegian
history and culture. We also offer information about Norwegian space exploration, and activities connected to Andøya Space Center specifically.

Bleiksveien 46
8480 Andenes

Phone: +47 761 446 00

Opening hours summer 2019
17th June – 16th
August 11:00 – 17:30
During the summer of 2019 we offer a unique opportunity to visit Andøy Space Center and join a guided tour of all the essential spots connected to a rocket launch. Group reservation all days and hours.


In our virtual and exciting missions, you can choose between travelling to near space to observe the aurora, or go all the way to Mars in search of life. The Mars mission also includes virtual reality technology, giving you the ultimate feeling of exploring our neighbouring planet. Pilots, navigators, scientist and engineers
have to work together to solve the same scientific and engineering problems, that real astronauts face. The missions are suitable for the whole family (children under 6 years old are only allowed in the aurora mission due to safety). The missions are offered in English and Norwegian. Group reservation all days and hours. Capacity: (Aurora or Mars mission based on season.) Aurora mission can fit until 10 pax, starting every hour. Mars mission can fit until 6 pax, starting every 15th minutes.

(however: temporarily opened
in summer 2019

In the meantime;
join us on a unique tour
through the real facilities
at Andøya Space


Host your next conference at one of the few operational Space Centres in Europe. Spaceship Aurora provides an exciting and inspiring environment for your company’s next conference or workshop. Our Auditorium can host groups up to 100 people, and our conference facilities are modern and innovative.


Bring your team on a virtual trip into space with Spaceship Aurora as a teambuilding process! Success in teambuilding are based on knowledge of your team’s personalities and common goals, but also the self- insight of each team member. You may also divide your team into groups, and compete against each other – who gets the highest score and become the best astronauts?


Our highly qualified staff can also give interesting scientific lectures about space, astrophysics, rocket science and space physics. How does the sun work, and does it affect our solar system? What is the Northern Lights, and how does black holes work? Prices: Contact us for an exclusive offer.