Andøy Museet

Child-friendly museum with stuffed animals and sea monsters

One of the most famous polar
hunters of Spitsbergen, Hilmar Nøis,
came from Andøya.
At Andøy Museum you can see an
exhibition of hunters’ lives and learn
more about the unique geology of
this island. Our museum is located
close to the lighthouse.
In Risøyhamn, a small village just
off the main road to Andenes,
there’s an outdoor museum with
five buildings that’s open on
Wednesdays during summer.

Richard Withs gate 9,
8480 Andenes
Tel: + 47 76 11 54 32
/ 474 68 568

This quaint village is worth a stop,
both for the scenery and the
interesting historical buildings.
Andenes Lighthouse was built
in 1859 and was one of the first
cast iron towers in Norway.
It’s also one of the tallest
lighthouses in the country,
at 40 meters! 

Inside the lighthouse you can visit an exhibition with special focus on the history of Norwegian lighthouses.  Guided tours including a short video are offered by Whale Safari AS.