An old legend says that the island of Andøya in Northern Norway used to be a land of elves. Such islands were only visible on the water surface for short periods of time, before disappearing indefinitely into the sea again.

However, as Andøya’s destiny would have it, someone once threw steel at the island. Therefore, it could never return to its underwater state, and the land of elves became one among many islands. But on beautiful summer evenings, when walking close to the sea or along the foot of the mountain, you can easily notice that Andøya turned out to be something out of the ordinary. The elves cannot quite let go of it. It is as if they are playing among cloudberry flowers and cotton grass, as if they are singing in the fireweed and  among bluebells.

Bankveien 4, 8485
Dverberg, Norway
Rita King
Phone: +47 761 46 149
Open all year
Shop, soap production,
handicraft, café,

According to old beliefs, the
elves had great knowledge. If
humans show consideration
towards nature, the elves will reward
us with rich gifts. The land
of elves has given name to a series
of homemade natural soaps
made from the best ingredients
nature has to offer.

Alveland is a soap work shop and a store, but also a cafe with tasty local treats, made from scratch.
Spend the night in Alveland; we offer cozy accommodation in in a hundred years old house. We are located at the east coast of Andøy.