Experience Andøy

EXPERIENCE ANDØY provides an opportunity to do just that! I am at your service, offering guided hikes in Andøy all year. My background as a biologist and former nature reserve warden, enables me to guide on wildlife and landscapes throughout Andøy. I’d love to present the best of the island where I have lived most of my life. Our company Experience Andøy, is based on the southern tip of the island. We aim to give our guests unique experiences of nature and culture, a taste of local foods as well as room to breathe and take a time-out in peaceful surroundings.

Experience Andøy offers activities such as guided hikes and boat trips. We will take you deep-sea fishing or fishing in sweet-water. Your program will be tailormade. Our main product is a 3-day stay, arranged as pre-scheduled events. We will service individual travellers, couples, families and groups of maximum 6 persons. The program will be tailor-made, but the basic is one day at sea, one day hiking along a shore on the Atlantic and one day mountain-hiking or skiing. We will do pick-up and transfer with our electric van.

8484 Risøyhamn
Asgeir Andreassen
Phone: +47 90198602
12 rooms 19 beds

Our one-day product is called
“Nature reserve hiking”. The focus
is on birds, climate and pollution
of the ocean. We want to show the
incredibly rich bird-life of Andøy,
along with teaching you about the
effects of the climate changes we
experience at 69 degrees north. We
also feel strongly for giving nature
a hand by cleaning local beaches,
and we may invite you to join us –
and thereby give something back
to the Andøy scenery leaving your
personal green footprint.