Whale and Wildlife Watching
Whale and Wildlife Watching
Whale and Wildlife Watching
Whale and Wildlife Watching

"We were very lucky, it was a sunny day, we saw several sperm whales and two groups of orcas - it was amazing. A beautiful trip!"


Andøy has earned the name “Whale Kingdom of the North” because it is the prime location for Arctic whale watching. We have a geographical advantage that brings us closer to the whales all year round.

Andøy is the original and leading whale watching spot in Norway. Since 1988, guests from all over the world have come to take part in our whale watching adventure. Both summer and winter, male Sperm whales gather to feed in our coastal waters, which gives you the chance of a lifetime to get closer to these impressive animals and to learn more about them.

Since 2010, we have been a part of a new and wonderful whale adventure. During the winter months, the migration of spring spawning herring along the coast of Andøy has brought high numbers of Orcas, Humpback whales, and Fin whales to our waters. The whales gather in large groups to feed on herring and the feast can even be observed from land. Experiencing this is definitely life-changing.

Other whale species that can be seen in our waters are; Pilot whales, Minke whales, Atlantic white-sided dolphins, White-beaked dolphins, and Harbour Porpoises.

"Within about 5-10 mins of leaving the harbour we met our first of many Orca pods, who were very curious of the boat which was fantastic as we got to see them up close."


The birdlife along the coast of Andøy is stunning. Bleik Island is a bustling bird sanctuary and in the summertime home to one of the largest puffin colonies in Norway! Several other seabird species also nest on the island, for example kittiwakes, shags, cormorants, common guillemots, razorbills, and Arctic skua.  The archipelago on the west coast is also a perfect nesting area for the largest of the seabirds, the gannet. Daily safari trips offer you the chance to get up close to these birds, you are also guaranteed to see white-tailed eagles on these tours.

Andøy is also home to a large harbor seal population and otters. Both species can be spotted from our harbors, while travelling along the coast or on one of the safari trips at sea