Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

Andøy is famous for the fantastic opportunities to experience the ever-changing Northern Lights (aurora borealis). When the night sky fills with green rays of light in a steady pose, or a magical dance, it’s easy to lose sense of time and place. Such an experience is something you will never forget. Understandable that many people therefore dream of seeing it at least once in their lifetime.

The Northern Lights constantly change and are unpredictable. There are several apps available on smartphones that offer an aurora forecast, yet seeing the Northern Lights require a combination of knowledge, time, patience, and luck.

Planning your visit

Seeing the Northern Lights requires patience. The more days you will stay, the greater the chance that both the solar activity and the weather will cooperate. With good planning and familiarising yourself with the factors that help determine the likelihood of seeing Northern Lights, there is a high chance you will see lady aurora dance in the sky.

Where and when?

We recommend to go to dark places, preferably outside the town centre with as little artificial lighting as possible, and find clear skies. If you join an organised tour, the guides will know exactly where to go. There are no guarantees that you will see the Northern Lights, and that makes it even more exciting.

The best period to experience the Northern Lights is from early September to early April. In the summer it’s not visible because the sun doesn’t set (the midnight sun).

The Northern Lights explained

Ever wondered what's the story behind the Northern Lights?