Art in Andøy
Art in Andøy
Art in Andøy
Art in Andøy

Galleries and artists in Andøy

Andøy is known for its artists. Many artists settled in Andøy, and truth be told, it isn’t hard to find inspiration in the beauty of the island with the mighty sea lurking, the Northern Lights illuminating the dark skies, the polar nights, the midnight sun. Not to mention the impressive wildlife, with the giants of the ocean, puffins and gannets nearby.

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Art along the Norwegian Scenic Route

The Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya opened on the 30th of June 2012 and is a 51-kilometre-long stretch of road between Andenes and Åkneskrysset on the west coast of Andøy. A trip along the road offers magnificent views of long white sandy beaches, cragged peaks and the vast open ocean.


Kleivodden is a popular rest and viewpoint with sculpturably polished stones

Landscape architect: Landskapsfabrikken - Inge Dahlman
Main contractor: Senja Entreprenør AS
Consulting engineer: Dr. Techn. Kristoffer Apeland AS


Bukkekjerka forms a group of sculptural cliffs. It's a Samic cultural heritage and the surroundings are rich in history.  danner en gruppe av skulpturelle klipper. Det er et samisk kulturminne og området er rikt på historie. The landscape around is a mighty sight.

Architect: Morfeus Arkitekter
Landscape architect: Landskapsfabrikken – Aaste Gulden Sakya
Consulting engineer: Dr. Techn. Kristoffer Apeland AS

Foto: Camilla Ilmoni