One night we had a midnight picnic on the beach...


Top 3 Summer activities:

  1. Whale and wildlife watching
  2. Hiking on the green mountaintops
  3. BBQ-ing on one of the many white beaches

We recommend:
Watching the impressive Sperm whales under the Midnight Sun

Months: June-August

Enjoy unforgettable summer days in Andøy - where the sun never sets! There is no better place for some rest and relaxation than on one of the island’s many long and sandy beaches. Or head up the mountains to take in the stunning views from jagged peaks or grassy mountains! During the summer Andøy hosts a number of festivals and cultural events. «Festitur» offers classic music paired with lively gipsy-music. Another festival is the deep sea angling festival «Andenes Havfiskefestival».

Top 3 Autumn activities:

  1. Berry and mushroom picking 
  2. Enjoying the first Northern Lights
  3. Experiencing the first autumn storms

We recommend:
Any kind of outdoor activity that makes your cheeks rosy from all the fresh air!

Months: September - November

The autumn is short and intense, with stunningly beautiful sunsets as a trademark. The puffins leave for the winter, and it is at this time the northern lights start to light up the sky. It is also the season for mushroom and berry picking. Andøy is widely known for its cloudberry marshes. The arctic light gets a blue tinge, and the locals get prepared for winter. If you visit during october-november, be prepared for snow…

Top 3 Winter activities:

  1. Getting  mesmerized by the Northern Lights
  2. Seeing large groups of whales feed on herring 
  3. Catching the largest cod of your life

We recommend:
Rigging your camera and tripod to capture the Northern Lights

Months: December - February

The arctic light makes Andøy a special place to be during winter. Seeing the northern lights dance across the sky is spectacular, and a sight you’ll never forget. The herring migrates into Andfjorden, followed by humpback whales and killer whales - so join in for brilliant whale safari trips during these months. The sun returns at the middle of january, and this is also peak season for the local fishermen and the fishing industry. Winter festivals such as «Nordlyst» with concerts, fireworks display and exhibitions takes place.

Top 3 Spring activities:

  1. Watching 150 000 puffins beginning their nesting season
  2. Enjoying a hot chocolate in the first warming rays of the sun
  3. Getting spring fever 

We recommend:
Experiencing the spring come alive with the amazing birdlife 

Months: March-May

Springtime is an exciting and unpredictable time to visit Andøy. It can still be snowy, but the first plants and flowers greet the sun, and birds like the puffins return. Depending on the snow-conditions, you can go for a walk in the mountains, or enjoy cross country skiing under clear blue skies. The days are gradually getting longer, and suddenly it changes over into summer….