Atelier Nøss
Atelier Nøss

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Atelier Nøss
Gunnar Tollefsen
Lilandsveien 155
N-8400 Sortland

Atelier Nøss

Visit the Tollefsen studios in the village Nøss on the westcoast of Andøya, Vesterålen, Norway.

The story of Nøss Studios
Nøss studios gathers the creative energies of the Tollefsen family. All four members of the family are artists in different fields of art, craft and design.

The family live in different parts of the country, but meet in Vesterålen several times a year. For both Espen and Siri, the landscape and character of Vesterålen have been a profound influence on their work. Returning to the North has meant combining family visits and shared work in the workshops at Maurnes (Sortland)
as well as at Nøss, where we have worked together over several years to restore the buildings and create the new studios.

It was a great pleasure for us to open the doors of the studio for our first exhibition in 2005, and the very positive response has encouraged us to continue. We have gradually extended the studio, and hope that our annual exhibitions will become a tradition.