Nature and Weather
Nature and Weather
Nature and Weather

"High mountains, white beaches, flowering meadows - all this you will find here!"


Andøy offers spectacular and varied landscapes. Whether you like relaxing at one of the island's many white sandy beaches, or you prefer hiking in the jagged mountains - Andøy is the place to be! Follow set routes to a number of mountaintops, and take in the stunning views - or discover this beautiful region from your bicycle. Andøy also offers many lakes and rivers where you can go fishing for salmon and trout. If you want to catch larger fish, then try deep sea fishing. Another popular experience is paddling along the coastline in a kayak - getting close up to seals, sea-birds and other wildlife. The choice is yours! 

"We visited this time during the winter, and experienced a real snow storm. Nature is powerful, and here you can experience it."


Andøy is the northernmost municipality in the Vesterålen region. The weather is as varied as the region itself. The presence of the Gulf Stream is the reason for the relatively warm climate we have here in Andøy. Despite the fact that Andøy lies above the Arctic Circle and is further north than both Kautokeino in Finnmark and Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula, the landscape is green and lush and we can enjoy hot summer days.

In the summertime Andøy is a welcoming place to be, with its bustling village- vibe, and the midnight sun that warms your body 24 hours a day. Situated along the coast, the winters tend to be fairly mild - compared to other parts of the country. Still - warm clothes are a must if you’re planning a visit during winter, regardless of whether your aim is to take stunning photos of the northern lights dancing across the sky, or if you fancy watching whales in the fjord.